If you can't make it to classes for a while, you can freeze them so the time won't count towards your subscription. You can freeze 2 weeks (1-15th or 16th-30/31st) or entire months

Si sigues todas nuestras indicaciones y suspendes el examen (Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE u Oxford) ¡Nosotros pagamos el segundo intento!

Son simulacros del examen oficial para que puedes evaluar exactamente cuándo presentarte. Los hacemos en virtual una vez al mes.

You can book and attend our live classes via Zoom, but not our classes on site.

You can sill be completely flexible when booking your lessons, but won't be able to attend more than 3 hours a week. You have to choose whether those hours will be face to face or virtual, you can't combine them. If you only want them virtual, you can also choose the "Just virtual" discount.

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