Internship Opportunities

Do your internship with us!

As a leading language academy, you'll have lots to benefit from doing your internship with us! We have received over 500 students from both the teaching area and the administrative area, who have lived the experience of working with leading teaching methodologies and sales techniques, as part of a highly motivated team with constant supervision and training. Show us how good you are, and you'll have the chance to stay working with us in one of our centers. We have vacancies for interns in Valencia and Madrid.

After 10 years betting for education, we are a constantly growing academy in search for people who feel as passionate for teaching as we do. Our internship programs are specifically designed to teach you how to work in a busy environment full of challenges and projects, applying everything you've learnt. During your internship you'll always be coached by one of our experienced teachers/administratives and your tutor, who will guide you through the process of becoming the best you can be. Give your all and show us how good you are and you'll have the chance to stay working in one of our current centers/new openings.

Send us an email to and tell us why you'd like to come and take part in our internship programs.