¿Conoces estas 5 expresiones comunes en inglés?

Reasons to learn laguages

Expanding your cultural perspectives, advancing your career prospects and meeting new people from different countries. These are just a few advantages and examples of why people want to learn new languages. However, learning a new language is certainly not an easy challenge. I can speak from experience when I say that learning a new language can sometimes be a frustrating process. It requires motivation, a talent for languages, and most importantly, dedication. Even if you’re lucky and possess all of these three skills, it can still be a challenging process.

Learning a new language has so many advantages that it most definitely outweighs the disadvantages. Just to name one particular valuable advantage, speaking an extra language is an exceptionally good asset for your career options. Especially in countries where being fluent in more than two languages is uncommon. Besides, the world has become so globalized in the last 20 years that speaking multiple languages greatly increases your prospects in the international community. If you (would like to) work at a company that deals with foreign customers, in particular, extra languages can distinguish you from the competition. Other than that, learning a new language has a scientifically proven positive effect on the mind. Learning a new language boosts brainpower, improves memory and enhances the ability to multi-task. These are just a few prime examples of why a new language can be an asset to your personal life and career.

Hopefully, these advantages of learning a new language have persuaded you to take the challenge. We will help you in achieving your goal.